What are cookies?

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by our website while you are visiting it (User). They are widely used in order to make our website work more efficiently (e.g. by remembering that you have previously seen the information concerning cookies policy on our website and not showing it to you again).

Cookies usually consist of the name of the internet website they come from, time of their storage on a particular final device and their unique number.

Cookies placed by our web server are neither dangerous for your device that you use while visiting this website (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) nor for you and your personal data.

Anytime you wish you can block cookies in the settings of your web browser.

We do not store any information automatically except from the information included in cookies.

Cookies Policy of Delphia Yachts Kot Sp.j.

The Subject that places cookies on your final device and that is being granted with the access to them is the internet service provider: www.delphiayachts.eu (hereinafter referred to as “service”):
with headquarters: Żurawia Street 6/12, 00-503 Warsaw, Poland).

Cookies are used to:

  • adjust the content of the internet website of the service to the preferences of the User and to the optimization; Cookies in particular allow to recognize the device of the User of the service and to display the website properly and in line with his needs;

  • prepare statistical analysis that help to understand the way the Users visit the website and as a result to improve both the structure and the content;

  • keeping the User of the web server logged in so that he does not have to enter username and password on the subpages of the web server;

There are two types of cookies used by the service. These are: session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies: are the temporary files that are stored in the final device of the User until he loges out, leaves internet website or turns off the software (web browser).

Persistent cookies: Are stored on the final device of the User as long as it is stated in the parameters of cookies file or until they are removed by the User.

The following web server may use the following types of cookies:

  • “Necessary” cookies that that are strictly necessary for the operation of a website. Without these cookies, this website will not work properly.

  • Cookies responsible for the safety of the User, for instance used in order to discover any kind of abuse when it comes to the authentication of the service;

  • “Performance” cookies that allow gathering information concerning the way of using the internet website of the service.

  • “Functional” cookies - These are the cookies which are set up to improve the functionality of the website. For example, cookies that remember the content you previously viewed on this website or the email address and password you provided when registering during a previous visit to this website or the language of the website you have chosen. Therefore, functional cookies allow the User’s interface to become more personalized.

  • “Advertising” cookies - These cookies allow to provide the User with advertising that is personalized and in line with his interest.

In many cases web browser allows for the storage of cookies on the final device of the User. The Users of the server may change the settings of  cookies policy anytime. More detailed information concerning cookies policy can be found in the settings of the web browser used by the User.

The service provider informs that limitations of the usage of the cookies may affect the functionality of the website. Moreover, cookie files stored at the final device of the User of the service may be used by the advertisers and partners of with the service provider.

To review any further information concerning cookies please go to section “Help” in your web browser.