The concept begins with the first sketches.

Then, the shape of the hull becomes fine­tuned for performance. Then follows decisions concerning the deck and interior; Then comes the time for fine­tuning hydrodynamics. There comes the time for the interior design, boat standard and option lists.… this is how our yachts are developed.




A cubic metre of water weighs a metric tonne. Sometimes, in the open sea, tens of cubic metres pour over the deck. This is why the structure of the hull must be the strongest link in the system to ensure safety of the crew. Whenever I work on a new Delphia model, I cannot stop thinking about this. However, I never forget that sailing is to be a pleasure to begin with.

After many years of work we have developed the YSI (Yacht Integrated Structure) technology on which our top­end models are based; the reasons being that a strong and light hull equates to safety and speed. The integrated structure also ensures safe sailing on lakes, seas and oceans.


We use wood and plastics to build the hull, deck and interior. Other materials comprise acid­resistant steel and aluminium. This choice is a result of a long evolution we have gone through in building yachts. From our rich tradition we select only those solutions which contribute to the strength and value of the vessel, yet making sure that a Delphia yacht remains an affordable option to all sailors.

We have built in excess of 20,000 vessels. Higher­end models employ the Laminate Infusion Method. We learned to combine modern technology with craftsmanship to build yachts to maintain a high residual value in the longer term.

It is time for Delphia yachts to establish a new industry standard of interior design. It is the character of the interior, the arrangement of space, the materials used that create the relationship with the user. Our design solutions set us apart from the rest of the market and make us proud.

The Delphia Signature Design comprises three rules to which we adhere. Firstly; less is more. Secondly; a yacht is a complete entity and requires a systemic approach to create solutions to cater for possible situations at sea. Thirdly; the user comes first ­we want every sailor to find his own Delphia, this means the one at the very beginning of his sailing adventure to those who have sailed around the world.





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