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What is the Delphia Yachts Warranty Policy?

All Delphia Yachts new boats are warranted with effect from the delivery date. The duration of the warranty can differ depending on the country.
Should a defect in materials, manufacture or workmanship occur with your boat during the warranty, Delphia Yachts will be able to carry out the necessary rectification, free of charge.
This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. Damage not covered under warranty will be repaired for a reasonable rate and a fee will be charged. For warranty evaluation, your product must be returned directly to the Delphia Yachts dealer that you purchased it from.

If you need service and support for a pre-owned boat or spare parts, you can forward your enquiry directly to:
Q. Does the Warranty Policy cover pre-owned products?
This warranty does not cover pre-owned products.
Q. Is normal wear and tear covered by the warranty?
We manufacture all of our products to meet our superior standards. However, regardless of how carefully you use, or how well you care for your Delphia Yachts product, it will eventually begin to show age and wear. The Delphia Yachts warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials, but it does not cover normal wear and tear.

Country contacts and distributors

How can I contact Delphia Yachts in my country?

Please browse through the world map in this web page. If in your country there is not listed any dealer, you can contact us at this e-mail address:

Marketing and advertising

Is Delphia Yachts interested in extending its marketing and advertising presence?

Delphia Yachts is always interested in relevant and value-adding marketing and advertising causes including exhibitions. Please submit your proposal to the following address:

Delphia Yachts Kot Sp. j.
Żurawia 6/12, 00-503 Warsaw - Poland
Tel: +48 22 420 35 05
Fax: +48 22 420 35 05


How can I get Delphia Yachts to support my racing activities?

What qualifications does my project need to have?

Delphia Yachts is continually searching for new projects related to the sailing and sea world. If your project meets the following criteria, we would like to review your proposal.

Does your boat (or team) compete in the following: IRC or ORC Worlds, European and Nationals?

Has your team had a top three placing in the last year in at least one of the following competions: world, continental or national championship, significant and renowned regattas?

Are you responsible for organising a regatta within the competitions described above?

If you feel that your project fulfills these requirements, please submit your proposal to:

Delphia Yachts Kot Sp. j.
Żurawia 6/12, 00-503 Warsaw - Poland
Tel: +48 22 420 35 05
Fax: +48 22 420 35 05


How can I introduce my company to work with Delphia Yachts?

Delphia Yachts is always looking for suppliers that can provide premium quality marine products and accessories. Please submit your company profile to the following address:

Delphia Yachts Kot Sp. j.
Kościuszki 63, 19-400 Olecko - Poland
Tel: +48 87 520 30 37
Fax: +48 87 520 21 77


How can I find out about career opportunities with Delphia Yachts?

Please send your curriculum to:

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