Warsaw, July 17, 2019


Information about the end of production of DELPHIA sailing yachts.


As of September 1, 2019, Delphia Shipyard abandons production of Delphia sailboats.

This decision is dictated by the decision to follow market trends, which currently represent more than 80% of motorboats and multihulls, as well as a more intense development plan for the Escape (formerly Nautika), BluEscape and Nano Line offer.

The process of building a boat is complex and requires specialized technical knowledge. Delphia has the know-how, the experience and the advanced technology needed to make yachts of the highest quality and comfort. Using the most modern technologies and the best specialists, we build our boats in accordance with the highest standards of safety and perfection down to the last detail.

We would like to thank all the customers and owners of Delphia sailboats for the trust and common creation of the history of these yachts in the waters of the whole world.

At the same time, we inform that until the end of the warranty period already purchased sailboats, appropriate storage reserves will be retained to provide a complete and professional after-sales service.

We would also like to thank all those who participated in the creation of our yachts, and in particular the remarkable yacht designer Andrzej Skrzat, without his excellent projects there would not be so many great Delphia sailing yachts models.

We invite you to follow our offer and the activities of Shipyard Delphia.

May the winds be favorable to you!

Management of Delphia Shipyard.